New Orleans, Louisiana – Cemeteries – Metairie Cemetery

14 Jun

Angel of Grief - Hyman Tomb

Some of the most interesting sights and people can be found in the famous cemeteries in New Orleans. Many books have been written about the people, the architecture, the history, the art and many other things associated with the world famous burial places of the city.  In this blog some of the tombs and cemeteries will be presented for your enjoyment.  I have always been awed by Metairie Cemetery every time that I visit.  It has become like a familiar town and I can recognize certain tombs and find my way around.  I know who some of the tombs commemorate and some of the history of some of those interred there.  I find myself a return visitor to many of the splendid tombs – they never grow so familiar so that they become common.

One of my favorites is the Chapman Hyman Tomb, which contains The Angel of Grief or The Weeping Angel.  At times, if the light is just right, the statue will be bathed in a beautiful blue light.  At other times it appears white but if you are fortunate enough to obtain an image it will be beautiful in any light.  More recently I have found this tomb locked but it is for the safety of those that will be drawn in for a closer look at the Angel.  Water has found its way into the ceiling and there is a danger of the ceiling collapsing.  However, if you can find a caretaker they may have a key and they can open the door.  A picture can be obtained in a safe manner.  The caretakers are helpful and knowledgeable and very friendly.   Remember they are there for the benefit of those interred there and not necessarily the casual tourist.

One of the many statues found in Metairie Cemetery

Every time I have been to the Hyman Tomb I have noticed that one or both of the side windows are always broken. On my last visit I noticed glass missing from one of the side windows and it was open.  It was later that it dawned on me that maybe the windows were being broken so that individuals could obtain photos of the Angel statue.  I hate to think this is the case – I am a slow learner.  The tomb is not a tourist attraction but rather holds the remains of the Hyman family and one should be respectful while at the tomb.  If the family lets us see the beautiful statue then desecration at the site shows a lack of respect for the family.  Breaking the windows is very disrespectful to family and in fact puts all the magnificent structures there of being off limits to the general public.

Metairie Cemetery is part of the Lake Lawn Cemeteries and the main office of Lake Lawn will provide one with information on thematic tours in Metairie Cemetery.  It is best to obtain these materials from the main office which is located in the front of the complex which faces the Interstate.  The side entrance is for those visiting families of the deceased.  A book about Metairie Cemetery can be purchased from the Lake Law office.  The author is Gandolfo and in fact I obtained my copy from the Internet.

I am posting a few pictures that I took at the cemetery with this entry.  In the future I will post more and perhaps write a little about the various thematic stories that are told by the cemetery.

6 Responses to “New Orleans, Louisiana – Cemeteries – Metairie Cemetery”

  1. Garnet June 19, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    OMG!! This is delightful! Just what I need: something else to be addicted to!!!! KUTGW!

    • rdvernon June 19, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

      Hello Garnet and thanks for the nice message. I hope I can produce enough entries that you will indeed become addicted.

  2. Bobby Hand May 2, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    I will be visiting Metairie in May but will probably be there when the office is closed. Can you send me a map of the locations of famous burials there? I.E. Hood, Beauregard, R. Taylor, Mel Ott? Or even directions to the sites so I don’t use up half a day loooking?
    Thanks so much –
    Bobby Hand
    3224 Stoney Crek Dr. W
    Williamsburg, VA 23185-8726

  3. Adrian Arbourgh May 27, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Beautiful picture! Very breath taking!

    • rdvernon July 19, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

      Thank you very much Adrian.

  4. Jennifer Ferguson Smith January 12, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    Hi RD – I’m interested in your beautiful Angel of Grief photo for a CD artwork project I’m working on. Could you drop me a line and I can give you more details?

    Jen S.

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