The Southerly Flow is a look at the stories of the places, people, sights and other  things associated with the Lower Mississippi River Delta Region. The Mississippi River Delta Region officially encompasses parts of seven states but as the river travels south the cultures and landscapes and the history become more diverse, mysterious and interesting.  South Louisiana is indeed a unique melting pot of many cultures that have learned to live in the context of the land that has been shaped by a mighty river.  The images accompanying the postings will be taken and processed by me.

This blog is meant to acquaint one with things in the region. In my opinion the South Louisiana region, including New Orleans, is one of the most interesting areas in the world.  Most of the posts will feature that region.  However, it is a goal to include the area north of Memphis in the postings of this blog as well as Mississippi and Arkansas. The Mississippi Delta Region is a complex interaction of unique land forms, unique people and unique cultures.  Some National Park Service studies refer to the region as a “Cultural Gumbo.”

Well, that is the plan for now. It doesn’t mean that things won’t change but that is the objective at the beginning.  The postings will cover culture, history, landscapes and photography. Will try to keep this thing interesting and entertaining and to include some nice photos.  Thanks for dropping by and I hope that you will become a regular at The Southerly Flow.

This is me in the backyard a year or two ago.  I take very few pictures of myself but I should take more as my kids will probably enjoy them in years to come.  In the blog I do hope to post many photos that I have taken.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. carlaat January 23, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog! I just peeked around your site – great histories and photos! Cheers!

    • rdvernon January 25, 2011 at 3:42 am #

      Hello Carla. Have been looking for someone that goes around New Orleans and showing homes – something that I just don’t know a lot about. Hope to learn more from you blog. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note.

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